Undiscovered Paris Walking Tour


For the visitors, already familiar with the more renowned historical and artistic landmarks of the city, here are some of the many surprises and rewards that this private, intimate tour has in store for the curious and passionate of the “unmapped”.


A resting garden for old stones, a whispering medieval gallery, the Bastille in bits and pieces, an Elm tree for justice, a multi-purpurse church tower, tombstones to keep your feet dry, the last rood-screen, bloodshed at a Carmelite monastery, the revolutionary meter, the astrological gnomon at St.Sulpice, miracle medals on the left bank, a building as a billboard, charming conveniences, an islet of Romantics, forgotten cul de sacs, a cloister converted into workshops, a cannon to set your clock by, a chateau with a road through it, eccentric houses and facades in Art Nouveau style, a lemon tree in a telephone booth. that’s what this tour “Secret Paris” is all about. 


  • Carmelite Monastery
  • St. Sulpice church
  • Bastile old jail
  • Seine river left bank


Included: Private walking tour with licensed local guide.


Not included: Admissions



  • Duration: 3 hrs.
  • *Cost:(total not per person)
     1-3  € 355,00
     4-6  € 375,00
     7-8  € 395,00
    Over 8 Contact us