Hinterland of Palermo & Corleone-Shore Excursion


Palermo, capital of Sicily, is the largest & most important city of this island region. Sometimes called, “the most conquered city in the world” Palermo’s architecture and cuisine reflect the many cultures which have held sway in this Mediterranean city, strategically situated on the Tyrrhenian Sea, over its 2700 year history.
On this private shore excursion you’ll visit not only Palermo, but also the breathtaking Cathedral of Monreale on the city’s outskirts. Your personal English-speaking driver picks you up at the port in a comfortable, air conditioned vehicle; conducting you to these unique destinations in a journey of discovery on your own.


Though Palermo’s fortunes rose and fell through its turbulent history of numerous conquests, its golden age occurred under Norman rule when the city became one of the great capitals of Europe. It was during this period of prosperity, when varied religious and ethnic groups harmoniously melded, that Palermo’s distinctive Norman-Arab architectural style, which is unique in Italy, developed.
Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the examples of this architectural style, best represented in Palermo and the Duomo at Monreale, reflect the incorporation of Arab practices and motifs into architectural design common to the Norman conquerors. Arab influences in Palermo are also seen in its cuisine and the many markets, originating during Arab rule, that closely resemble Middle Eastern bazaars.


  • Cathedral of Monreale
  • Village of Corleone
  • Duomo of Corleone
  • Village of Ficuzza

Included: Private tour with English speaking driver 

Not included: Admissions 





  • Duration: 8 hrs.
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     4-6  € 555,00
     7-8  € 595,00
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