Archaeological Agrigento–Whispers of Ancient Greece--Shore Excursion


 Sicily has a fascinating history. Its key location in the Mediterranean led to its occupation by many cultures; among them the Greeks, Romans and Arabs.
Your destination, “The Valley of the Temples” archaeological park at Agrigento, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to one of the most impressive collections of Ancient Greek ruins outside of Greece.
For this exclusive shore excursion, you’ll enjoy the services of an English-speaking driver who’ll meet you at the port, conduct you to your destination in a private, comfortable, air conditioned vehicle, and remain at your disposal for the duration of your trip. 


 Ancient Akragas, seated on a plateau overlooking Sicily’s southern coast, was founded as a Greek colony in 582 B.C. Rising in prominence, it became one of the Mediterranean area’s leading cities until falling to the Carthaginians in 406 B.C. Evidence from subsequent Roman and Early Christian occupation are also found here.
The park, of 934 hectares (3.6 square miles), encompasses the entire ancient polis. Walk the ancient roads to admire the 8 Doric style temples set in a beautiful landscape dotted with olive and almond groves. You’ll also find the restored “Garden of Kolymbethra”; a beautiful green area containing a variety of flora and fauna including ancient citrus trees. Truly an intriguing and lovely place to pass a day ashore!


Tour highlights: 

  • Valley of the temples
  • Temple of Juno
  • Temple of Concord


Included: Private tour with English speaking driver


Not included: Admissions 





  • Duration: 8 hrs.
  • *Cost:(total not per person)
     1-3  € 525,00
     4-6  € 595,00
     7-8  € 655,00
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